Calling all local schools and clubs who want to be part of the championship!

December 2017 - The ball kid program is launched – all kids from local schools and clubs are being invited to apply for our program. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at an international top-class sporting event.

For the student world championship in beach volleyball, we are looking for clubs and school classes who support us as ball children during the event.

School classes and clubs have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of an international top sports event. Working together with the referees they ensure a smooth running of the games and are an important part of our tournament staff.

We therefore expect reliability, motivation and enthusiasm as well as basic knowledge of English.

The task of ball children is to "pick", "manage" and "distribute" the balls in the field. They are going to be officially trained and supervised during the event.

In return for their work, the children can expect lots of benefits (i.e. each kid gets an official ball kid outfit, etc.).

The application deadline is March 02, 2018.

Further information can be found on our German website: