The world as guest in Munich

On Wednesday evening, the athletes and officials of the World University Championship Beach Volleyball (WUBC) had the opportunity to explore the city of Munich during a guided city tour.

"I was most impressed by ‘Marienplatz’, with its range and the huge ‘Glockenspiel’," enthused Martin Pihera. The 24-year-old athlete from the Czech Republic is in Germany for the first time. Together with his partner Jakub Gala, he is one of the national leaders in his home country. "It's a tremendous experience being here at the WUBC in Munich. The spectators, who create the right atmosphere here, the weather, the other athletes - everything fits."

The city tour began on “Marienplatz” at the “Fischbrunnen”. From there the group went to Munich's first church, St. Peter's Church. The tour led down the hill to Germany's largest food market, the “Viktualienmarkt”. Just as unique for the locals as it is for the guests of the WUBC: Munich's only beer garden that offers beer from the the six large breweries in Munich. After 40,000 litres of beer served, the bar changes its beer type. One or two guests would certainly have liked to stay for a tasting.

There were many smiling faces during a nice anecdote to the statue of the "Charming Juliet" (from Romeo and Juliet) at the old town hall. It is a symbol of eternal love and a gift from the city of Verona from 1974 and seals the partnership between Munich and Verona. Legend has it that desperate lovers pet Julia's breast to conjure up her heart's happiness. The outer surface texture of the bosom shows that the legend is alive.

"I must remember this address," jokes Nicole Dostalova. The as group stands before the practice of Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt. Most athletes are familiar with the well-known German sports physician. The 22-year-old beach volleyball player came to her through at detour. Until she was 15, she was a speed skater. After a long break from injury, due to nerve damage in her hand, she decided to give up ice skating and play beach volleyball. She has been a team with Anna Komarkova for three years and is already very successful in the Czech Republic.

The city tour ended where it began: at “Marienplatz”. More traditional experiences for the athletes and officials will take place on Thursday evening during the "Bavarian evening".

Here you can find the pictures of the day.