Jörg Förster Chairman of the Board German University Sports Federation

The organizing committee closes the opening ceremony with the reception

"I hereby declare the 2018 FISU World University Beach Volleyball Championship open", with these words the Bavarian Minister for Science and Art, Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle, started the WUBC. Directly after the Opening Ceremony the Organising Committee invited to a reception.

TUM Vice President Dr. Hans Pongratz was pleased with "the diversity and versatility of the sporting event. We have guests from all over the world in Munich. The best thing is when the athletes can make international friends here." His wish for the WUBC: "Fair games, no injuries and good weather".

Luciano Cabral wishes "all athletes the time of their lives". The Brazilian Vice President of the International University Sport Federation (FISU) emphasized the importance of a dual career of study and elite sport. "The athletes can practice their favorite sport at a high level and study at the same time. "They can live two lifes and are well equipped for the time after their career."

Dr. Verena Burk, President of the Organising Committee, is particularly pleased that the event is finally getting underway. The preparation of the WUBC took four years. "I am expecting high class beach volleyball and would especially like to thank the volunteers who form the backbone of the event.“ More than 100 volunteers and about 300 ball children will help behind the scenes. After all the years of preparation and planning for the World University Beach Volleyball Championship, the time has come and the tournament begins.

Marion Schöne emphasised the legacy of the 1972 Olympic Games, saying that sport is still an essential part of the historic park. According to the Managing Director of Olympiapark GmbH, the numerous sporting events such as the Munich MASH Action Sports Festival or the World Handball Championship next year underline this. All this helps to contribute to the image of the Olympic Park as a lively sports and cultural site. The WUBC fits perfectly into the concept of the Olympic Park. "I think we can create an atmosphere here that makes the WUBC an unique event for everyone."

Jörg Förster highlighted the elite sports character of the WUBC: "Competitive sport has always been of great importance to us. The increasing number of student Olympic athletes is a very pleasing development," explains the Chairman of the Board of the German University Sports Federation (adh). He also pointed out that it is a high-priority goal of the adh to organise international events and thus promote global friendships and relationships.

The anticipation of those present is noticeably great. The weather prospects are inspiring the euphoria for the coming days.